Monday, December 12, 2011

Second-Generation Hispanics Prefer English

Second generation Hispanics, particularly those of the Millennial age, are acclimated into the American culture and prefer English over Spanish. This is the word of several Hispanic marketing experts I've spoken with, but I've also seen it for myself.

We share our church with a Spanish church, and I've seen two families of young children switch from the Spanish service to the English service. The kids are happier because they get to hang out with the American teens and youth, and they can relate better to the message because English is either their first language or their primary language, having learned it very young in life.

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iPhone or Android? What's Your Preference?

I just had a conversation with an SVP of a major digital agency about one of their clients' mobile campaigns. The campaign was promoting both an iPhone and Android app, and I asked him, could I get the app on my BlackBerry? I wasn't speaking hypothetically. It happened to be an app that I would really like to have.

He said, unfortunately, no, and told me that, for the most part, iPhones and Androids are replacing BlackBerrys, and within the next few years, BlackBerrys will cease to exist. He said that, like myself, most BlackBerry owners have been transitioning, or are planning to transition up to either an iPhone or Android when they're ready for a new phone.

So I asked, off the record, do you have a preference? This is a guy whose company programs campaigns for both models every day, so who knows the challenges and benefits better, right? First, I asked, is the bug/crashing issue the same in Android vs. iPhone as it is in the PC/Mac world? He said yes. If you go with an iPhone, you are going to have a more protected environment because they control everything. But with an Android, you have many more options of what you can do with the phone.

Finally, I asked, is the price differential between the two similar to the price differential between the PC and Mac? And he said, surprisingly, they are priced on parity. That's good to know that price is not a deciding factor.

Do you have an Android or an iPhone? If so, what is your opinion/preference? I would love to hear from you. I won't be changing out my phone for probably another 12 months, and I would appreciate some real world opinions before I make my decision. Thanks to all.

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