Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jobs a Plenty in Alberta, Canada

Recently, I have had the opportunity to (separately) interview two people, an insurance agent and a lawyer, both based in Alberta, Canada, for articles, and both said the same thing. The oil and gas industry in western Canada (around the Calgary area) is booming, and they have more jobs in the area than they have people to fill them. This means that they need everything from engineers to lawyers to restaurant wait staff to fill demand.

Alberta is a province in Canada that Wikipedia says has 3.6 million people. It is on Mountain Time, and sits directly above the left or western side of Montana. The capital city is Edmonton, but the largest city is Calgary.

If you wanted to move there, you would have to have a preference for colder weather. Today, the temperature is 35 degrees. By comparison, it is currently 47 in New York.

One job site I found for the area is The Calgary Herald is the local newspaper.

With things still in recessionary mode down here in the U.S., it's nice to know that there is growth somewhere.

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