Friday, July 11, 2008

A GOOD SUMMER READ: Shadows in My House of Sunshine

I would like to recommend a good book to all of you readers out there. It’s called “Shadows in My House of Sunshine” and it’s written by Emilie Betts, a first time writer.

Emilie, 85, writes a very colorful and often painful history of her life experiences. Going from a rich childhood in the pre-depression era to nearly penniless during the Great Depression and then back to the high life again during the wild and crazy sixties and seventies, Emilie, the wife of the late Robert Betts, former chairman of the William Esty advertising agency, is a natural writer who easily creates a visual experience of her life.

The book is raw and real and gives everyone something they can relate to. You’ll get lost in every page and wonder, what happens next? Nearly every experience reminded me of some memory in my own childhood or life.

It’s a relaxing and easy summer read and one you’ll come away from feeling as if you know her and are much the better for it.

I know I am. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her recently while she was on her book signing tour here in Connecticut. When I got the email from my local library that she was coming, I read the description of the book and was immediately mesmerized by both the woman and the book.

We missed each other that day, but she was kind enough to contact me afterward. She welcomed me into her home and, on a beautiful sunny day, we had lunch on the back patio of the adorable English cottage she refers to so lovingly toward the end of the book. I look forward to future lunches and interesting discussions with my new friend.

Check out Emilie’s website.

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