Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Bye, My Friend

To my friend Adriana who moved away today, there was never enough time to walk. Never enough time to share a bottle of wine, and never enough time to sit and teach you English while you taught me Spanish.

I will miss you, my friend!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Day I Almost Met Bill Clinton

One day I had to pick my husband up from work at Pepsico headquarters in Armonk, NY. It was about 2 p.m. I sat in the semi-circle with my car in park, engine running. There were a couple of other vehicles there, but I didn't pay them any mind. I never noticed that the one in front and in back of me were both black Escalades.

As I was waiting, I saw four people come out a side door. I noticed that one coincidentally looked a little bit like Bill. But I would never expect the former president of the United States to come out a side door. Nor would I expect him to have such a small entourage. Just him and three other people, including a woman who looked to me like someone who handled public relations for the firm. In addition, he was wearing an orange polo shirt and a pair of faded jeans and sneakers. The former president of the United States dressed so casually after a speech? Perhaps someone had already put his pinstripe suit in the car. He also looked unusually thin.

As he came closer to the Escalade in front of me, the one behind me moved up and cut in front of my car. Only then did I know for sure that it was really him. I wanted so badly to roll down my window and yell, Hey Bill! and wave. But I was afraid that if I did, I would have 20 secret service men in my face in about three seconds.

I watched him get in the car and the two Escalades drove off. But I'm disappointed that I missed my opportunity. He was only about 20 or 30 feet from the hood of my car. Bill, if you're reading this, perhaps you could make up for it by taking me to lunch one day. Well, at least I've got the memory.

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The African Children's Choir Graces Norwalk, CT Again

For the second year, Norwalk United Methodist Church sponsored a visit by the African Children's Choir, and I have to say, if it is possible to fall in love with 30 children, I did. They also moved me to tears.

We had an hour long free concert on Saturday, October 17th and then an abridged show during worship services on Sunday, the 18th. And these kids are nothing short of amazing. If they come to your neighborhood, I highly recommend you go see them.

The children of the African Children's Choir, which was founded by missionary Ray Bennett 35 years ago, takes in children from war torn Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and other parts of Africa and gives them a life they would never have otherwise. In fact, many of them would be dead right now if it wasn't for the ACC. These kids have lost at least one, if not both of their parents and many of their siblings. They have been homeless, starving and living on the street or in refugee camps.

Once accepted by the African Children's Choir, they travel the world for one year, and are tutored while traveling from 9-5 every day. When they return home, they are provided with an education that goes all the way through college. Because of the ACC, these children have dreams. "I want to be a doctor," one said. "A pilot," said another.

Their smiles are beautiful, and they dance and sing African folk and spiritual songs beautifully. When they spoke, I was captivated. They are so cute when they say in their African accents, "I'm sure some of you would like to adopt us, but we are not available for adoption." (Laughter) "But there is a way that you can take us into your home." Then all the children pull out from behind their back CDs and DVDs and really cute t-shirts. Everyone laughs.

But seriously, the African Children's Choir has saved hundreds of thousands of children from poverty and death and turned them into adults and future adults who will be responsible for saving their country from war, poverty and hunger. Please check out their website at and turn your speakers on so you can hear their angelic voices. Buy a CD, DVD or t-shirt, or simply donate to their cause. You can save a child. No amount is too small.

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