Monday, April 22, 2013

The Earth Is One Big Recycling System

Every year, the trees recycle their leaves and the flowers recycle their blooms. Even we as humans recycle when we die and new babies are born. Landfills recycle when garbage is broken down and decomposed, even though it can take up to 50 years. And, of course, there are actual recycling centers where we melt down glass and plastic and reconstruct paper into new paper products.

Unfortunately, today, however, we are using more than the earth can recycle. It horrifies me when I see people, and even entire companies, that aren't recycling. The Earth is dying. It is being smothered by garbage and pollution and won't last more than a handful of generations if we don't get serious about recycling everything we use.

I also look forward to the day when every home has solar panels and a small windmill on its roof. There is no reason for us to run out of electricity, or to be dependent on fossil fuel, when God gave us the sun. We are abusing our gifts. We need to do better.

Happy Earth Day!

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