Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PIN Transactions Are Cheapest for the Retailer

Often when I am in a store and use my debit card, the cashier will ask, "debit or credit?" since the card can go both ways. Sometimes, it doesn't matter to me, and I will say, "I don't care, which ever is easier (i.e., less expensive) for you." But not once has anyone ever actually said which is easier for them. Now I know.

According to an article on CreditCards.com ("Merchants Encourage Use of PINs for Debit Card Payments"), a typical supermarket pays $.24 in fees when a shopper spends $40 with their debit card using their PIN, vs. $.35 when they apply their signature. For payment with a regular credit card, the fee would be more than $.50.

Thanks, CreditCards.com, for clearing that up! I'm using my PIN from now on.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thank You, Soldiers, for My Freedoms

I do not believe in war, I believe in freedom for all. I do not believe in fighting, I believe in soldiers. I prefer peace, but sometimes you have to fight to get there. I don’t approve of President Bush and I think he’s the worst president who has served in my lifetime, but I’m not sorry we got Saddam Hussein. I’ve wanted his head on a platter since Desert Storm.

I have a great life. I have water that flows right out of the faucet whenever I need it and it’s always there. I don’t have to walk a mile with a bucket on my shoulders. I can sleep at night without the sound of gunfire whizzing over my head. I can walk down my street without looking over my shoulder. I can go to my place of worship without worrying about who doesn’t approve and what they might do to me.

I have all this because of soldiers who fought for the freedom of this great country so many years ago and who have continued to fight for freedom around the world over the past several decades.

There is no one I appreciate more than a soldier. When I see one, I walk up to them and say thank you. I started doing this long before anyone else did. I did it in public when it wasn’t popular to do so and people would look at me funny. I didn’t care.

To all the current and former soldiers around the world, and the fallen soldiers who are now angels in heaven, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the luxuries that I have. You are my heroes and I will forever be grateful. May God bless you and keep you always in his care.

Let freedom ring. Happy independence day.

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