Friday, December 03, 2010

Check Out RecycleBank!

Recently I became a member of RecycleBank. It's a program where you get rewards points simply for being green. It doesn't take much effort. You simply do the kinds of things you should be doing anyway.

I encourage everyone to check it out at

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Who Packs Your Parachute?

Just received a really great "pass around" email from my mom called Who Packs Your Parachute?

The PowerPoint tells the story of Major Charles Plumb, a U.S. Navy fighter pilot during the Vietnam war who was shot down by a surface to air missile, parachuted into enemy territory and lived as a prisoner of war for six years before being released.

Now he goes around the country speaking about his experiences, and one day a man came up to him in a restaurant and said I know you. You're Major Plumb. I packed your parachute!

It left him thinking, how many times did I walk by this guy, who was just a sailor and I a fighter pilot, how many times did I walk by him on the Kitty Hawk without a good morning or so much as a nod or eye contact?

Now Major Bloom goes around the country asking the question to his audience, who packs your parachute, and how do you treat them? Not just your physical one, but your mental one, your emotional one and your spiritual one?

Let's all remember to be kind to strangers because we never know what that person is going through or what they're capable of. The person we ignore today could save our life tomorrow. Or perhaps your simple "thank you" or "have a nice day" could help them get through theirs.

Remember, a kind word never hurt anybody!

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Have you received a phone call from 866-312-9553?

Beware. This person says that you've won a car or a trip or some equally high level prize and that this is their last attempt to reach you, even though you swear you've never heard from them before.

It's some kind of a scam. Check out this website.

It sounds to me more like a time share message - like they want you to come down and if you just listen to their speech for three hours we'll give you blank just for coming. Not worth the time and effort. They can be very forceful with these things. I actually bought a timeshare once and it turned out to be a disaster. So bad, in fact, they they agreed to take it back from me no strings attached.

The caller ID comes up, for me at least, as Prize Award Center, but the person leaves a voicemail of Vandale Communications. It's different in different parts of the country, however, so beware.

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