Sunday, February 01, 2015

"Lake News" Is a Story of Love and Justice

I finished my first Barbara Delinsky novel today and it was fantastic. When you read a 500-page book in four days while holding down a full-time job, taking a night class and handling a series of other responsibilities, you know it was good.

Lake News is the story of Lily Blake, a singer and pianist who lives in Boston. Her life is going well when out of nowhere, she is blindsided by a media scandal that not only is not true, but ruins here life and her reputation.

With her tail between her legs and feeling completely helpless, she moves back to the small village of Lake Henry, New Hampshire, where she is from.

Over a period of two weeks, she works tirelessly to build a new life for herself again, all the while trying to clear her name and here reputation.

Thanks to the help of a friend who runs the local weekly newspaper, she finds both justice and love simultaneously. Justice and revenge are one of my favorite themes for both books and movies, so anything that ends that way definitely captures my attention (think: Diary of a Mad Black Woman, one of my favorite movies.).

Barbara Delinsky has a talent for details. You not only can feel Lily's frustration, pain and humilation from being blamed for something she didn't do and then being harassed by paparazzi for it, but the scenes in and around Lake Henry just make you want to take a deep breath, like you can feel the fresh air in your bones.

Having written more than 60 novels, I'm surprised that I haven't heard of Delinsky before, but I definitely look forward to reading more of her work. You can find out more about Barbara Delinsky, who lives in Massachusetts, at

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