Thursday, December 20, 2007

My wish list for 2008

1. Peace on earth. You can think it’s cheezy if you want to. It’s on the top of my list and it’s staying there until we achieve it.

2. An equal opportunity healthcare system for all Americans.

3. No more dead our wounded soldiers. Ever.

4. Reversal of global warming, with the majority of our energy output coming from carbon neutral sources. And let’s figure out how to make garbage to energy work so we can stop burying all our garbage. Someday the entire planet will be made of garbage. Ewe.

5. A workfare welfare system. Nobody who is healthy and able to work should get something for nothing. And for all the women who say I can’t work because I have a child, provide a national free or subsidized day care system.

6. Fire the IRS. Why do we put ourselves through the agony of filling out tax returns every year? Just take the tax out of our pay and be done with it! Then take all that money from the IRS and put it into socialized medicine.

7. Enough affordable housing for all, including the homeless.

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What I'm Thankful For

As the holidays approach, I would like to take a few moments to reflect on what I am thankful for:

1. My husband, who loves and respects me and works hard to help us build a future together.

2. My mom, who is always there for me and is more than just a mom; she is a friend who I enjoy being around.

3. My friends, who never complain when I vent, appreciate and miss me when I’m not there, and enrich my life just by being them.

4. Soldiers. For all the freedoms I have, and all the sacrifices you’ve made so that I can have them. If I said the word thank you a thousand times it would never be enough.

5. God. Even when I forget to pray, or forget to say thank you, he is always always there for me. He never ever gives up on me, even when I’m cranky or not as nice as I should be.

6. My pastor and my church. For giving me back my spirituality, giving me a venue for reaching out and helping others and for all the new friends I’ve made.

7. My clients who keep me busy and appreciate me. This one is also a thank you to God for allowing me to be my own boss and run my own business for four years. It gets better every year.

Happy holidays everybody!

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Please Watch This Video

I encourage everyone to take two minutes out of their busy day to watch this video and take it to heart.

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Nicks Fans Are Concerned About the Wrong Thing

Last night on the news I heard something that really got my goat. Fans of the New York Nicks were holding up signs outside Madison Square Garden calling for Isiah Thomas to be fired. At first I thought, well, yeah, the guy does deserve to be fired. But it’s the reason why they were carrying signs that riled me.

The Nicks have lost 6 games in a row and the fans are outraged. Where were they when he was being tried and eventually found guilty for sexual harassment? Why weren’t they calling for his firing then? Was that not more important than the Nicks losing 6 games? Are you kidding??!!!!

It’s a pitifully sad day in America when we value winning over integrity and having a conscience.

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