Friday, April 29, 2011

I Think the Royal Couple Should Start a Blog

Wouldn't it be great if Prince William and Princess Kate had a blog? They could tell us what's on their mind and about some of the things they're doing or what they care about. I think it would be a nice way to get involved with the world but still keep it low-key.

It would be nice to have that feel of a personal relationship with the newlyweds and hear their thoughts first-hand.

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Why I Watched the Royal Wedding

Some people have asked me why a person my age would be interested in the wedding of a couple of twenty-somethings, and the answer, I think, is rather obvious.

First of all, we all loved Princess Diana. She was the people's princess -- she was one of us. Secondly, we've known William from the time of his birth -- we watched him grow up. To a degree, he is our son -- everyone's son today.

And because of that, we love him. And we're proud of him. Perhaps only women can relate to this. If you're a man and you think this is hogwash, well, you're a man.

So I take this opportunity to say congratulations Prince William and Princess Kate. I wish you a beautiful life, all of God's blessings and health and happiness. Perhaps we'll all live to see their children grow up and get married as well, and then it will be "our" grandson's or granddaughter's wedding day.

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